Lose Weight necklace

Me Time wristlet

For Mothers necklace

Take Charge of Your Life


  • I placed my wristlet on my left arm and immediately felt a warmth and happiness wash over me and I knew I was on the right track again!
    Vicky H
  • Every day I choose one of my necklaces, which guides me through the day and reminds me of serenity or happiness and my own strength.
    Ulrike Kennedy

    2 minutes to instantly change your life.
    Yes I do mean 2 minutes. Our life is based on our perception of what is happening. By shifting your perception we can...
    Could your phone be leading your life?
    I had been told about the book “Thrive” from my sister Ann Marie and she was raving about it.  So I decided...
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  • Kristy began her Magazine by Googling ‘how to publish a magazine’
    If you are lacking confidence in following your dreams and passions, then this interview will inspire you! Kristy...
  • Building my backyard Labyrinth
    My backyard needed redoing and I decided I needed a labyrinth! I didn’t question why I felt this. I just knew I needed...
  • Dr Cris Beer from The Biggest Loser
    Dr Cris Beer is AMAZING. You may have heard of Dr Cris from her work on the Biggest Loser, as well as being an expert in...
  • Picking the Right Diet for You!
    This week I get to write to you from Bali where I’m kicking back and enjoying a 3 week holiday with my husband, son...
  • Experiencing depression and anxiety…
    Our lives are made up of so many different aspects! We tend to focus most of our time on doing things we are already...
  • How to overcome challenges and obstacles in life
    “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Creating a meaningful and happy life seems to be more important to people now...
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