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Lose Weight Necklace
Lose Weight Necklace

Weight loss starts in the mind. Lose weight and keep it off once and for all

Short (42cm)
Medium (54.5cm)
Long (80cm)
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A New path to permanent weight loss.
What are you waiting for? Start your new goal of losing weight today!
Reclaim the body you deserve, shed your extra kilos, and start living a more vibrant, healthy and confident life!
NO… this is NOT one of those diet pills that offer you the world but leave you with nothing but disappointment. It’s time to CHANGE  YOU. Remove negative and sabotaging thoughts and replace them with positivity and lasting change… It's time you claim your health and vitality back and keep it for life. 
Your Lose Weight necklace will be like ‘the string around your finger’, a regular reminder of your goal and a visual affirmation, of your determination to succeed by not letting ANYTHING stop you. It is a tool to keep you motivated when things get tough and the last thing you want to do is exercise. With a habit of just 5-10 minutes of movement each day your are on your way to creating a healthy and fit body, that you are proud of.

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